LED Light Therapy

What is Led Light Therapy?

Enjoy an age defying, healthier, more youthful appearance with the revolutionary LED technology: Bio Synthesis. The Bio Synthesis light activated rejuvenation system utilises high intensity light emitting diodes ranging from red, yellow, green, and blue which allow your skin therapist to quickly create customized LED services to address your specific skin concerns.


Clinically proven LED light therapy is known to be effective for a wide range of applications including skin rejuvenation, acne reduction, hyperpigmentation and skin detoxification. The Bio Synthesis LED treatment incorporates over 4000 individual lights and an advanced Chromatic skin care system to stimulate collagen synthesis and to reduce acne and hyperpigmentation to promote firmer skin and a more even skin tone.


If you have any of the following, LED Light Therapy will not be peformed:

-Hypersensitivity to light

-Photo sensitizing medication




-Currently under a doctors care