Welcome to Immerse Within Medi Spa Drouin.


Where the Journey Begins Within...


At Immerse Within Medi Spa

we believe that inner beauty creates your outer beauty.  

We are offering a range of treatments including:


- Cosmetic Injectables

- Aqua Gold Microchannel Technology 'Fine Touch'

- Double Chin Dissolving Treatment

- PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment)

- IPL SHR Hair Removal

- IPL Acne Treatments

- IPL Skin Rejuventation

- IPL Vascular

- IPL Pigmentation

- Ultrasound Infusion

- Ultrasound Cavitation

- Skin Tightening

- Body Sculpting

- Body Treatments

- Massage

- Pregnancy Massage 

- Teeth Whitening

- Facials

- Dermal Skin Needling

- Bio-Hydrodermabrasion

- LED Light Therapy

- Waxing

- Spray Tans




Also introducing our new skin care range Arbre.

These products are paraben free, Australian made, cruelty free and plant and fruit based. These beautiful products work in perfect harmony with our technology, and superbly on their own. 

A little bit about Arbre...

Over time, Arbré has developed a range of products specifically for the professional beauty therapy industry, with an emphasis on professional treatments.

Arbré was founded in 1983 with the belief that the healing properties of natural ingredients combined with sophisticated technology would result in skincare products of exceptional quality, value and effectiveness.

Today, this philosophy remains true as Arbré incorporates the very best natural qualities the earth and ocean have to offer along with the latest advances in beauty technology. Arbré is committed to the development of the most comprehensive range of skincare solutions for both the professional and consumer markets. Through constant research and analysis, Arbré continually adjusts and adapts products to suit the markets ever-changing requirements.


The Medi Spa