Perfect for skin affected by the wind, sun and chaffing. Azulene has been used for many years for its beneficial soothing and calming properties. Excellent for sensitive skin.

Assists in soothing and calming skin affected by the:


  • wind

  • sun

  • chaffing

  • moisturising



AZULENE – renowned as an anti-inflammatory and soothing agent. Azulene is a derivative of German Chamomile
ALPHA BISABOLOL – derived from the Chamomile Plant, an extremely effective extract with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties
SODIUM PCA – a naturally derived moisturising extract that assists in retaining and attracting moisture to the skin as part of the skins natural moisturising factor. Protects against dryness
PSEUDO COLLAGEN – anti-ageing ingredient that assists in the restructuring of cells and increases the moisture content of the skin

Azulene Crème 200ml